Multitasking made easy

Enjoy multitasking everywhere

Whether you use your computer at home or at work, you likely have more than one monitor. However, when you leave your home or office and take your laptop with you, you cannot bring your monitors with you.

But with Duality, we have made that possible. Duality is an easily attachable monitor for your laptop that is integrated to your laptop so you will always have your second monitor with you. Due to its size and design, Duality is perfect for every situation, even if you are in a cramped train.

Join us to the future of multitasking

In the future, we will launch a crowd-funding campaign so we can share our vision with everyone. But before doing that, we want to finalize the design so our customers will get the best possible product. We will keep you updated through this site and our social media pages.


8.9 inch lcd

1920 x 1200 resolution

HDMI and USB-C connectivity

Detachable screen and a stand for the screen

If you have any interest in Duality, please send us a message.

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